NYC Fall 08 VII

1. Behnaz Sarafpour:

I think I'll always be a sucker for mod-ish dresses so I immediately fell in love with it. This dress looks HUGE on Siri Tollerod, which I think is funny. The shoes are totally cute with the outfit, though I would be very unlikely to wear them in real life as I'd feel I have puppies or something tied to my feet.

2. Benjamin Cho:

This is the absolute perfect way to open a show, no doubt. And you're not supposed to look at this and say "Who would wear that in real life?" because that's not the point. The point is, he can manipulate fabric to look this beautiful and he can make you stop in your tracks to admire this. He definitely had my attention after this.

Seriously, this was Benjamin Cho's best collection to date. Oh it's really something else. That white dress will be in my closet come Fall (I hope).

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs:

Although I am not so much into Marc by Marc's clothes the way I used to, I am a sucker for his shoes. Every season he makes a pair that I absolutely must have (and usually after waiting around and scouting sales, I do). But this collection had a couple pieces I liked, apart from those awesome motorcycle-goth-raver boots. I'm loving the striped skirt in the first look and the sequin top in the second one. Yay! Can't wait to see what he has to show for his own label on Friday.

4. Matthew Williamson:

Matthew Williamson is another designer that has an amazing ability for color. For a while all he did was party dresses, but I'm glad he's sort of grown. I really liked this collection except for one thing, there was SO much fur in it. And it's not because I am anti-fur or whatever, but because for a lot of looks, the fur seemed like an after thought and was really really distracting. There were a couple of pieces that looks really interesting but had fugly fur coats on top, so I couldn't really tell if I liked it or not. That first coat is absolutely awesome. I'm guessing it's probably embroidered and that makes it even more beautiful. And that second look? Bright to the max! I would wear that jacket ALL THE TIME, with skinny jeans and those awesome bright Chris Benz patent leather loafers that I plan to hunt down this season. Ha!

5. Narciso Rodriguez:

The severe, borderline austere silhouette, makes it absolutely irresistible.

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