NYC Fall 08 VIII

1. Brian Reyes:

I have always been a big fan of shirtdresses, they are just so versatile and look good on pretty much everyone. The couture-like details on an otherwise simple, casual piece, really make it stand out.

2. Derek Lam:

Seedy 1970's New York City detective. I adore this.

3. Isaac Mizrahi:

Sometimes I'm a sucker for unabashed retro femininity.

4. Michael Kors:

Michael certainly made it work this season. HAHA! Just Kidding! I'd never actually make such a reference while writing a review, but I figured I'd try to freak you guys out. Anywho, the collection was classic Kors all the way. His ideal woman is pretty much the absolute opposite of me, but I still fall in love with some of his looks every season. I guess while he sees them prim and proper and all-American sexpots, I try to see the weird subversive appeal and how to make it weird. I love this suit and I love the way this was styled, even the little fur stole seems perfectly in place and not forced at all. I think I'm really into camel now, I wish I still had my favorite pair of khakis from Gap from my Gwen Stefani phase in high school. Wow, I really went off-topic here!

Another perfect look. The dress is gorgeous and so sensual, and the coat just adds this amazing sense of luxury and refinement. I am generally not down with fur, and the truth is only a few people ever use it in a way that makes sense. Michael definitely knows how to do it. Unlike at Matthew Williamson's show where the use of fur seemed force in here it's perfectly natural. Like you can't help but say "of course she has a vintage-looking fur coat, what else would it be?" and that's why it works. It just oozes sex appeal!

5. Shipley & Halmos:

This was a very well edited, super wearable collection, from two of the guys that were in Trovata. I really want to know what the price point of these items is going to be, because I'd love to add some of this to my closet. I fell in love with this look even though it reminds me a little of the recent Gucci resort collection, but in a hipper, younger way. I still am in the lookout for really cool leather jacket, maybe this is the year I'll buy one.

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