Paris Fall 08 I

1. A.F. Vandevorst:

I adore this duster/coat/dress sweater thing. It's the perfect shade of blue and the perfect combination of relaxed and pretty. I am completely ignoring the pants under it.

2. Bruno Pieters:

This collection was all about androgyny, which is something I try to reference often when I get dressed. I just love the feeling of this, it's strong and unapologetic. I would wear it sans tie (too literal, too Avril Lavigne), and then it would be perfect. The pants are really great.

I would totally wear this exactly as its shown. Lately I have been obsessed with over-sized v-neck sweaters and cardigans, so this is just perfect. I would love to wear a dramatic ruffle around the neck, I imagine it would be weird to eat with it, but who cares, that's why I carry a Tide pen with me everywhere I go.

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