Paris Fall 08 III

1. Ann Demeulemeester:

Is there such a thing as a bohemian warrior? Because I can't find a better way of describing this look. I even love the pants that she's wearing because it just looks like she's ready to go at the drop of a hat (which she is wearing!). Well if the revolution turns out to be televised, then I know what I'll be wearing.

2. Veronique Branquinho:

I can't find a single flaw in this look. I love the look of antiqued silver on clothes, cause it's always flashy, but a dirty flashy.

I really love the simple shape and great color of this dress. And while I don't like the dress over the pants thing, I think the pants would look absolutely fab with a distressed band t-shirt and some super bright pumps. So chic, so cool.

3. Viktor & Rolf:

It's awesome that they can do something like this on a coat.

And then here's the one we really wear. The volume is great and I loved that they used golden staples for the hems and seams of the clothes. It's not something that's been done recently and they made it look cool, feminine with a punk edge.

Quirky and cool. Very Teen Vogue.

They repeated the "NO" sculpture-thing at the end of the show with this dress. I think in this fabric, it becomes something completely different; a statement rather than a cool effect on a garment. Think about it, you have a long, semi-sheer, sinuous gown that just yells sex-pot, juxtaposed with a giant NO, that says "you can look, but you can't touch (unless I want you too)". The Viktor & Rolf girl is in absolute control of her sexuality.

Now this is making a lot more sense, right?

OMG, this is my 300th post! Crazy

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