Paris Fall 08: Rick Owens

Rick Owens' collection for fall was quintessentially him, but stronger and bolder. It seemed violent, but only in its complete disregard for pretty and its search for a fiercer, more liberated woman.

This is Iekeliene under all that hair. I love the hair in the face thing. This isn't about being pretty, it's about what your skills and your strength. Under all that hair, is a killer tunic with a beautifully draped neckline. I'm a big fan of zippers, and I love the way he used them here. The magic is in the details.

Again, behind the super rad styling are supremely wearable pieces. I love how simple it is, although I suspect there is something crazy going on in the back, because I can see some weird ruffles behind her elbows. I even love the crazy boot/waistless chap/legwarmer thing.

Ok, so maybe this one wouldn't work as well in real life. But who cares? Real life is for suckers. Most importantly... Guinevere Van Seenus is back y'all! Oh how I miss her awesomeness.

Yes. I just loved this collection. This is such a great little dress. The cowlneck and the zipper on the princess seams is just too much to handle. I need this in my closet now, just send the smallest size you have. Thanks. I hope I get to see an Olsen walking around in these crazy boots. It would really make my day. Ha!

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