Paris Fall 08: Undercover

Jun Takahashi's collection was pure futuristic awesomeness. The best part was that he achieved this futuristic feeling through silhouette and construction, rather than by making shiny silver jumpsuits. The makeup was really bright and was both glam and borderline zombie-like. I even loved the crazy quasi-conehead hat that the models wore.

I'm not a fan of the dress and pants combo, but I didn't let that distract me from this great look. The dress/tunic that she is wearing is quite beautiful. I love that he can create something so fashion-forward out of something that I would describe as khakis and grey jersey material. Twisted American sportswear. I love it.

The khaki suit with motorcross pants. It's so preppy and subversive at the same time. I love the layering of all the tops under the jacket. Super cool.

Can we talk about the awesome blue leather motorcycle jacket? It's super rad. I love the fuzzy capelet over the jacket; it's such an unexpected combination.

Absolutely 100% impeccably perfect. The detail on the jacket is amazing and I am even digging the quasi-gaucho pants. I'm head over heels in love this one.

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susie_bubble said...

I'm glad Undercover has abandoned the suberversion tactics they have done the past few seasons...this is surprisingly good...