Paris Fall 08: Yohji Yamamoto

This season Yohji, collaborated with Hermes. It was pure Yohji, of course, except this time, it perfectly fit in with the mood at other shows, especially in Paris, so far. It' dark, a bit goth and defiantly strong without losing touch with the feminine side.

I love the outer layer of this. The combination of the layer and the drapey fabric is really fantastic.

I think this look perfectly captures the result of a Yohji + Hermes collaboration. The brown leather buckles look amazing next to the black. It's very sensual.

Coolest jacket.

This look would make Marc Jacobs say "dammit, I wish I'd done that", and I'm not trying to insult Marc by saying that, god knows I love that man, but I think that this is sort of the same spirit of what Marc has been doing in New York. I know he really admires the Japanese designers and asthetic, so this would perfectly fit in the puzzle in his head. I want to be this girl.

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