WTF: Erin Fetherston Fall 08

I don't usually write negative runway reviews, because it's funner to write about the good stuff. Actually that's not true. I don't know why I don't do it, probably because it takes me too much time to write all the good stuff. But I'm going to have to make n exception for Erin Fetherston, because I just don't understand how she's gotten to the point where she is (yes, I know, friends in high places). Here are some selections from her show.

She opened her show with this. I was impressed! "This show is going to be different and not kiddie cute", I thought....

What's this? Oh, an off the shoulder-balloon-sleeved black lace top. With a glitter skirt. Look at that top again. Ok, you understand this right? Also, if the model looks frumpy, imagine how that's going to work in real life.

Is that velvet? Please tell me it's not. For my 6th grade graduation, I designed my own dress and it was this same silhouette except it was pretty because it was silver raw silk. And I was 10. And it was 1995.

This is just going to make my head explode. The sleeves, the fabrics, the colors... it's just too much ugly wrapped up in one dress. Actual little girls would cry if their mom made them wear this, and when those little girls grew up, they would always bring it up to their moms, and would possibly destroy all photographic evidence, and here she is parading that dress in front of the entire fashion world to see. Amazing.

She sort of redeemed herself towards the end, especially with this simple, relaxed chic number, but by then, my eyes had already seen unspeakable things, and I couldn't just shake them off.


WendyB said...

I like that 2nd to last piece. Very '70s.

susie_bubble said...

I was somewhat surprised that this was her collection!