WTF: House of Holland Fall 08

I'm calling shenanigans on House of Holland. I think it speaks volumes about the kind of pull that Agyness Deyn has in the business, that she can get people to take House of Holland as a serious fashion house. Don't get me wrong, I am not some humorless toad that thinks fashion has to be serious and have a message all the time, but give me a break. House of Holland has his niche, but I don't know that this label is at the level everyone wants you to believe.

OMG YOU GUYS, THE 90'S ARE BACK! Yes, it's true. Henry opened his show with this plaid suit taken straight from Cher Horowitz' closet. Except she would never wear it with an eye patch, of course.

No, really, the 90's are here. How else do you explain this look from another super awesome movie? The weird thing about Henry Holland doing the Empire Records look is that I was talking about this movie earlier today. Then I log on Style.com and there it is, telling me to celebrate Rex Manning Day! (Hey, it's better than Valentine's).

Is this a strapless velvet capri length romper? I'm sorry Henry, this is never ok, not even in an ironic hipster way.

Ruffle cake dress, yawn. I know that the antlers and the eye patch* are there to tell me that this is totally edgy but in all honesty, it just seems so trite. Benjamin Cho incorporated quasi-taxidermy into his Fall show and the effect was about 100000 times better. When someone does that right before you, you might as well just not even try.

Apparently Agyness had Pink Eye and that's why she was wearing an eye patch. Cute idea! And I take back my snarky eye-patch comment. The dress is still a no-no though.


susie_bubble said...

I had thoughts of WTF too...

the iron chic said...

Good call on Empire Records look.