21 Endpoints

I was reading Susie Bubble's blog earlier today and she posted these really cute Forever 21 shoes so I headed over to their website to see what other stuff they had.* I guess they do a fancy designer line called Twelve by Twelve which I remember them launching and also I remember the clothes being sort of ugly. But, I came across these great little cuffs and dickies straight out of the Miu Miu spring runway,** and I'm trying to figure out if this is something I'd actually wear, or if I'll just leave this to the more adventurous dressers. At $18 dollars a set, it seems like a pretty easy and non-committed way to join in the trend and then when they fall apart after a couple of months, it's no big deal, cause by then the trend will be over and you'll have gotten your money's worth. They also come in black, but I think it looks a little fancier in this shade of European Pink.

Jeweled Collar/Cuff Set and Pleated Collar/Cuff Set available at Forever 21

* I don't really condone shopping at Forever 21.
**I also don't condone buying rip-offs of other designers, except when it's stuff like this or tights/hosiery because those are usually super expensive for what they are and I'd rather save my pennies for cute shoes.


susie_bubble said...

I faltered.... I got that set....

laia. said...

How does it look in person? Is it cute? I'm still thinking about it. It's just too fun to not get, right?