Craving Some J.Crew

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The clothes at J.Crew just keep getting better and better. I was trolling around the website last night, when I came upon these two pieces and just fell in love with them immediately. I have a slight, currently developing obsession with button-down shirts. I'm really into masculine/feminine dressing and I think that a button-down shirt is the easiest way to play with that look. The polka dot shirt is so graphic and bold and it would be such an easy way to look cool and put together. But the real gem is the skirt. Can you believe it's from J.Crew? Bright neon yellow and grey cotton taffeta, oh it's so weirdly Parisian. I can't wait to wear it with a cute t-shirt and some flats. It would be the perfect downtown-ladylike look to wear come spring time. I haven't been in love with pieces that I can actually afford in a really long time (I know, isn't it sad?), so I'm definitely going to make a point to add these to my closet. Can't wait!

Polka-dot Popover Blouse and Taffeta Rugby Skirt available at J.Crew.

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susie_bubble said...

Definitely feeling the skirt...