The doctor is in

My first major shoe purchase was a pair of 10 eye Dr. Martens, when I was 15 and a junior in high school. A few years before I had become obsessed with a certain band *cough*No Doubt*cough* and as countless other girls, my wardrobe soon became an ocean of "Gwen-things", with tons of wide legged pants, tank tops and bras in every color of the rainbow. I bought a pair of blue Vans and a pair of chunky spectator oxfords, but nothing compared to the Docs, the holy grail at the time. The summer I turned 15 I saved all my babysitting money and went to Journeys (remember Journeys?) to get my coveted pair of boots. When I wore them, I felt like the coolest chick in the block. Like a member of a secret club.

For the past year-ish I had been wanting to wear my docs, but they were back at home and my mom couldn't find them. I went home in January and rummaged around until I found them and then, of course, they didn't fit in my luggage. They finally made it back into my possession yesterday. Of course I was going to wear them today and after little deliberation I decided on a black and white flower print with black tights. Nothing groundbreaking really, but it seemed like a good start for my new Doc love affair. (I felt so powerful when I tied them up, they just immediately reminded me of when I first got them)

Let me tell you something, those boots are hea-vy. The fact that they have been squished in a box for the past 3 years means that I pretty much have to break them in again. And at times, I felt like I was Frankenstein, but I love them so much that I'm willing to work my calves over-time to make them work. As of now, I think I'm strictly on a short dress, tights and docs uniform diet. And if this works out well, maybe I'll finally give into my other Dr. Martens holy grail: The Flower Print boot. I don't really know if I can pull them off, but ever since I saw them in Seventeen magazine forever ago (holy shit, 10 years? How weird is that?), I have fantasized about accessorizing little black dresses with them. You just can't fight feelings like that.


susie_bubble said...

They do take some getting used to...especially the older ones which are heavier than the ones they make today...You really rock them though!

1234 said...

you have a pair?? jealous!