The Floral Dress

The whole point of looking through party pictures is to see what everyone's wearing, of course. I came across this picture of LA-based fashion designer Magda Berliner and immediately thought "AH! That dress, I love it! It's perfect for this season" I said that because I thought the dress was vintage Balenciaga (from Ghesquiere, not Cristobal), but after doing research I don't think it's Balenciaga at all. The logical choice is that she's wearing a dress of her own design, but she's known for her use of vintage lace and other frilly things and, my gut-instinct was so strong that I can't believe I imagined it. So I'm going to keep doing research because this is going to drive me crazy until I find out who made it, and in the off chance that it's a new dress, all I can say is: I NEED IT! If you know what it is, please please email me with the info.

Yeah, and I even love that she paired it with green tights.

Update:Now I'm thinking it might be Versace, but so far no dice. Ah! Back to the scavenger hunt.
Update Update: It is Balenciaga. You can read all about it here.


thesearchforchic said...

it is balenciaga..one of the earlier seasons this dress was on the catwalk.

laia. said...

haha, yes I did eventually confirm my suspicions.
right here.