Jumping for Joy

I just got an email with the images to Christian Joy's Fall collection and I must say, there are some really great pieces.

This isn't something that I would ever be able to pull off, but I really really like it. I think it's the neck ruff. I want to add some drama to my life, I think neck ruffs are the way to go.

The best part of her collections are the blouses . I love the asymmetric detail of this one.

A cape blouse!! YES. I'm not too sold on the bottoms, they seem a little too frumpy and baggy, but pair these blouses with some skinny jeans, maybe even high-waisted, and some high heels and it would just be unstoppable.

I think this is awesome. I know, I know, I shouldn't like those pants, but I do. Although I think if I was going to wear them, they'd need to be a bit longer and a wee more tapered. I think it's the blue that's hypnotizing.

Ecclesiastic Chic!

In the meantime, I will try to hunt down these two dresses from her spring collection. The details are just too cool. Graphic dress with abstracted bow? WANT. Sexy black dress with functional zippers? NEED.

For more information, visit Christian Joy online.


susie_bubble said...

Wow the fall collection is so different but in a good way!

uvita said...

geometric shapes :D