Just Say No: Overalls

Dear Ladies:
You may find yourselves aimlessly wandering through the internet late at night and come across these Marc by Marc Overalls on Shopbop. You may think it's a good idea and perhaps even think back at a time when you were young and wore overalls and ran around the woods and were happy. That's nice. But please, don't let those happy memories cloud your judgment today. Overalls are NOT for adults. Not even when when they're an "updated" look that usually features a snug fit and sexy straps. It's dangerous, and a stone's throw away to wearing a sexy Halloween costume year round. Do you really want to do that? Of course not.

This has been a public service announcement from your pal Laia.


susie_bubble said...

It's the snug fitting ones that are even more evil than the loose childish ones...

Ana said...

Hate them forever! :D
You may not know this, but when I met the father of my daughter I had one of those terrible things on. The color: summer orange.
Ew! :(
I bought it on a sale during a compulsive shopping. For an ADD reason, wore it 2 times, one as it came -with legs, the second, deconstructed to be an overall dress.
Why I did that, why, why???
Yikes, what an atrocious story! :P