Model Roundup

Fall shows are over and wowee zowee what a season it was! With that in mind here are my thoughts on some of the models that made the season special.

Abbey Lee wins the MVP award. I think she opened the first show in NYC and since then I kept seeing her EVERYWHERE. And you know what? I love her. She's not a tween, has a gorgeous face that can do innocent or dramatic amazingly well and is not a sack of bones disguised in skin. She's gonna be all over the magazines come fall, I just know it.

Tallulah Morton is fairly new, but I think she's definitely one to watch in the future. She's still super young (born in 1991!) but just look at that face! It's very feline but innocent. I think if everything goes right, she'll be able to convey a super broad range of characteristics both in the runway and editorial.

The best part of this season was, without a doubt, seeing these WOMEN on the runway. Yeah, I'm calling everyone out on this 15 and under malarky, cause you know what? THEY LOOK IT. But when you see Karen, Carmen, Angela and Hannelore it's just a completely different feeling. They bring attitude and class to the clothes. They carry themselves better and I don't feel like I'm watching little girls play dress up, like I did when I came across Diana Farkhullina in the Chloe runway.


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uvita said...

You just happen to reveal the name of one of my favorite models.

I never knew her name but I've collected pictures of her since november 1999 XD
I have a thing for redheads :D

Karen Elson is love