Paris Fall 08: Chloe

Oh Paolo Melim Andersson, even if other people forget about you, you are becoming one of my favorites. All the clothes were just the best combination of girly and disheveled that was just so... me.

I always love the theme of opposites when getting dressed, especially a masculine/feminine vibe. I think this plaid jacket is the perfect combination for the flowery dress. I also LOVE the flower tights AND the shoes with the flowers on it. It goes from "regular day at the park drinking tea" to a Yayoi Kusama-like experience where there are flowers just EVERYWHERE.

This dress is so spectacularly baroque. It's the perfect shade of blue and although it's very feminine and frilly it's so over-the-top that it almost becomes a joke on femininity. I think the lace sleeves are my favorite part.

Ok. It's official. I'm mad for flower prints. Unfortunately, there are NONE in my closet (I checked), weird right? I love this dress. I would wear it with my Dr Martens and just groove on some 90's tunes, man.

By now you should all know how I feel about leggings as pants (Don't do it!), but I'm almost tempted to give this look a free pass. I think maybe the coat is making me forget that Freja isn't really wearing any bottoms, but I just love the way it looks. Granted, she can make anything look cool (the androgynous spirit!), but the combination of tough at the top with dainty at the bottom is just too much. I can't wait to get my hands (legs?) in a pair of bejeweled embroidered tights.

Again, very over the top, but it works. The jumper is absolutely spectacular. I could see a very cool, almost hippie woman wearing this for her wedding at the beach (barefoot, loose hair, of course).

Paolo is going to make me go bankrupt. These are so gaudy, they are almost in bad taste. But I want them anyways.

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