Paris Fall 08: Hussein Chalayan

This season Hussein returned to the runways after staging his collection as an awesome film on Showstudio last season. In its return to a conventional presentation, it also showed super wearable clothes with a decidedly organic feel. It was great in a subtler way than usual.

Simple black dress with delicate folds is the perfect place to begin in a collection inspired by the evolution of Planet Earth.

Relaxed shape and a great mix of fabrics make this a perfect dress for winter. You can layer a turtle neck and some chunky tights over it and you are ready to go.

This is so glamorous. I love the way the silver inset feels like it's pouring out of the black fabric. It's very slinky and sexy.

Love the sheer dress worn with the big rock necklace. It's the best (and most literal) way to balance soft and hard.

I've never been a big fan of these sort of literal prints, but I love this one. It reminds me of the images in my science books when I was in elementary school and they feel mysterious and forbidden. This dress somehow carries that vibe too. Plus, I just love easy dresses like this one.

I was surprised to see something so unabashedly sexy in the Chalayan runway, but here it is. If I was a Hollywood starlet, I would wear this to a movie premiere.

Let's look at the rock necklace once again. It's just so cool.

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