Paris Fall 08: Lanvin

I can always count on Alber to close the season with something absolutely marvelous. The collection definitely seemed a little less celebratory and more serious, but I don't mean that in a bad way.

For these looks, Alber made fabric out of ribbons. The effect is sensuous (it can unravel at any time), and also architectural. I love this lady-like look because it's not all peaches and creme. You can tell something is amiss because of the super-sized jewelry. It's so luxxe and decadent but also feels tongue-in-cheek.

Some magazines would tell you to shy away from wearing big, bold, horizontal stripes that cut across your entire body. Lucky for me, I don't read those magazines. This is gorgeous.

This dress also employs the concept of the ribbon fabric. I must say that I'm really glad that he didn't just make a pretend "fabric made out of ribbons", and instead draped individual ribbons unto the form to create the pieces for the collection. I love the thicker ribbons used and how they look like they are casually falling over her shoulders. It's also the perfect shade of "nude".

When I see this silhouette, I automatically think "Lanvin". I wonder if it'll become a signature dress that he does every season in new and imaginative ways. The sheer panel at the neck is so elegant and mysterious.

It takes such sheer audacity of wearing an oversized three strand pearl necklace, with a glitzy, metallic gold dress. It's dramatic and bold and incredibly powerful.

YES! I can't even describe how awesome this is. But I keep wanting to write something like "Cleopatra would just die over this", and I guess anything that reminds me of Cleopatra (and isn't heavy kohl-rimmed eyes), is cool.

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