Paris Fall 08: Tao

You have to look past the styling and your initial reaction to find the wearable pieces in this collection, but they are all there. There were beautiful, quirky dresses for any girl with a love for dresses and a taste for the cool and eccentric.

I just love this dress. I'm a big fan of silver and I love all the other details like the flowers and the ruffles. It's weird, yes, but also very feminine.

The shredded Trapper Keeper dress. I love the de-constructed details in this dress and the 80's pastel colors look killer with the sheer skirt and the shorts under it. It's urban pretty.

The top half of this outfit is almost too cutesy, but I still love the vibe it gives off.

Total mummy-bride dress. I love the way there are heavier layers around the neck, framing the face.

This one is similar to the first one but with added dramatic details. If silver is a little too crazy for you then this "classic" creme and black combo might be a better choice.

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