Paris Fall 08 VI

1. Valentino:

Alessandra Facchinetti, she of the short lived post-Tom Ford Gucci stint, is now at the house of Valentino. I was really surprised that they chose her, but I guess they must know what they are doing. Though I couldn't really tell by this collection. I mean, this is the only thing I liked, and this doesn't even look like Valentino at all. It's sort of awkward and cake-y and lacks the whole "houses in Monaco and Biarritz" vibe, if you know what I mean. We'll just have to wait for next season to see how it develops.

2. Yves Saint Laurent:

I'll admit that I don't get Stefano Pilati's design point of view. I haven't been really blown away by anything he's done since he took over and meanwhile everyone is singing his praises and talking about what a genius he is. But anywho, this collection was especially...weird. It was awkward (and not in a good way!), and severe and a little bit violent. I think this look captures all of those qualities, but in a good way. I just love the oversized white shirt.

Despite my somewhat negative intro above, there were some "pretty" things in the collection. Like this dress, that I'm not entirely sure made sense with the rest of the stuff, but I'm sure will find its way to the pages of the fashion glossies come Fall. Or maybe Julianne Moore.

I love the "blue surprise" in this.

3. Alexander McQueen:

This collection was so straight-up feminine that it kind of took me off guard. All the dresses were beautiful and the models were beautiful and they even wore little flats. Perhaps the subversion was in the fact that there was no subversion? Guinevere looks like a cooler Little Red Riding Hood, ok fine, she looks like a goth version of Little Red Riding Hood. I love the idea of wearing a giant sweater as a dress, complete with crinoline and everything.

Beautiful old-fashioned dresses.

4. Chanel:

Awesome little black dress from Chanel. But people, please, don't do the sheer white hosiery-thing. It NEVER looks good.

A little Marc by Marc (woah, I never thought I would say that to describe a Chanel dress), but with a wee bit more sophistication.

The shoes were the best part. I need these in my closet to fulfill my current obsession with spectator-inspired, two-tone shoes.

5. Rue du Mail:

Awesome dresses from Martine Sitbon. Usually I am dying over her entire collection, but this season she went a bit dark and lost me in the way. But no worries, cause these two dresses will hold me over until next season.

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Anonymous said...

hola Laita!!
la falda esta cool. el vestido gris i would totally wear it. the blue surprise i raelly like. i've always liked unexpected blue...
los trajes de Alexander McQueen parecen grabados en aguafuerte, estan magicos!!!