Desperately Seeking V

So I can't find the new issue of V. This is major. None of my usual outposts have it anymore. I am freaking out as this would be the first issue I've missed in years. My friend Charlie is on lookout duties but I'm afraid it might be too late. Have you seen this issue in a store near you? Please point me in the right direction. And while I'm at it, can we talk about how there are no magazine stores in the Park Slope/Dumbo area? what the hell is up with that?

And yes, I realize that the solution to my problem would be a subscription but two years ago my boyfriend at the time got me a subscription for Christmas and I never received any issues so I decided that maybe that wasn't the best option.

I know this is a ridiculous post, but what can I do? I feel very strongly about my magazines.

Update: My friend Charlie totally found me the mag! Hooray. Crisis Averted.


elizabeth said...

ohhh glad you found it bc i was gonna say, what in the hay-ell..you can ALWAYS find old issues at the mag store on 5th & A and the one on lafayette & spring. (man-hattaaaaan, yo)


laia. said...

YES! Spring & Lafayette. I totally forgot that that place even existed. I always go to McNally or to the one on Bleecker and Broadway. But thanks for the reminder.