Do do do Do do do do do do DO

Remember Doug? I randomly remembered Judy, his awesome existential drama-obsessed sister this morning while I was getting dressed. She always wore a purple jumper, a black tshirt, black tights, boots and a beret. She was the ultimate in cool (notice how the sides of her head are SHAVED!) so I decided to channel some Judy Funnie today. The black dress is from Tibi (I used to work there so most of my dresses are from there). It's a little hard to wear because it's a basically a paper bag with a drop waist so I always have to layer it or wear it with some really chunky shoes. As soon as I got my Docs in the mail, I knew that the dress would be perfect with them since it's so light and airy. The deep v-cardigan is from H&M, from about 3 years ago , when I went on an "oversized" sweater buying spree cause I wanted to look like I'd stepped out of a Stella McCartney runway. Of course, now I look at it and it doesn't seem oversized at all, but it did the trick back then. Of course I needed to wear a beret, because that was Judy's signature and this one I stole from my mom one of the times she came to visit. I think she got it in Paris. Sorry mom! You should know by now that I'll always steal your accessories. I did wear little boy shorts under it in case the wind got the best of me. I feel pretty rad in this today.

I feel really weird posting pictures of myself and stuff, so um yeah, bear with me.


elizabeth said...

om my god this is an amazing reference. i love it. you look so cute!

roxanne said...




i think judy funnie just might is one of the unsung heroes of cartoon style. way to do her justice!

Ana said...

I loved -may I actualize the verb?-Judy!
Everything here is perfect! :D

laia. said...

haha, annie, doug will always remind me of summers at your house and playing with naelle and being happy.

carina said...

haha, that's nice! but your temples aren't shaven ;) fortunately!

Old.soul.in.the.city said...

HA! I love this, great original post.

Anonymous said...

oh wow, I loved watching 'doug' so much!!^^

uvita said...

judy was the coolest indeed
but now i have to update the fact that laia is the coolest ever!