Fall 2008 Shoe Report

It's that time of the year again! All the shoes you could ever want, right here for your viewing pleasure.

I love the combination of colors and materials in these Alessandro Dell'Acqua heels. They hint at deconstruction while keeping a fairly "normal" look.

Oh dear, Balenciaga is bringing the pointy-toe stiletto heel back*. I like these though, the juxtaposition of the machine-silver with the dainty-peach seems just perfect. I don't like the sole platform thing, what's going on there? It looks weird and I can't imagine it makes walking much easier.

These Bruno Frisoni pumps have all the components to make me fall in love. They're blue, they have a round toe and interesting cutout details in the back. SOLD!

Two-toned maryjanes from Chanel. They're perfect. Look at that chunky heel! It's the opposite of the Balenciaga killer-robot heels. I think I'm on team Chanel for this one.

I already mused about this Chloe shoes when I reviewed the Fall runway show, but it's not like I'm gonna get tired of staring at these anytime soon. They are seriously one of the most beautiful out-of-control shoes I've ever seen. You bet your ass these will be in my closet next fall, the sale at Bergdorf's never fails me.

I'll admit, I'm getting a little tired of crazy platforms being the shoe du jour season after season at Dior, but these are very cool. Another design that sort of hints at deconstruction, although this one is a little bit more obvious than the Dell'Acqua pair.

This shoe-within-a-shoe by Lanvin is making me weak at the knees.

These Marc Jacobs booties are ugly, I know. Peter Pan would wear them, I know. SO WHY DO I LIKE THEM SO MUCH?

This season the clothes at Miu Miu were less-than perfect but the shoes were unbelievable. I can't wait to be walking around Soho next fall and see a lady wearing these. Because as much as I like them and I want to be the kind of woman that can pull these off, I'm not so sure.

While the flower petal-like details make these Prada heels incredible, the pink elastic band going across the foot is what's making me fall in love with them. A frustrated ballerina has to get her kicks from somewhere, you know?

*I can't really hate on them though because I used to have a pair in black patent leather that made me feel like a million bucks every time I wore them, but I just get all these flashbacks of women with big hair, tight jeans, big coats and stiletto heels and that's gross.


susie_bubble said...

The Prada ones will be mine, oh yes, oh yes....
And the Chloe shoes are so awesome....

Fabi said...

oh myyy the pradas and the 2nd miumius....drool....

I, however, also have a hard time enjoying the pointy ones...I think it's because of flashbacks similar to yours, too! latinas in TOO tight pants and these. :P

thanyou for the nice comment you left! =)


1234 said...

oh my god. all of these shoes are to die for!!!! awesome blog!

FoxyRoxy said...

They are all absolutely gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Shoes within shoes get me every time, but man those Bruno Frisoni and the purple Chloe bootie heels are amazing. Love the blog!

Raquel said...

i am VERY into the dior wedges and bruno frisoni pumps. color and sky high heels are what dreams are made of.

xo raquel