From the Vaults: The Sunny 90's

Now that I've organized my magazine clippings you can expect a healthy dose of nostalgia from The Vault (almost) every Thursday. I am super psyched about this. I hope y'all* enjoy these.
Here's an editorial from March of 97 (holy crap!) featuring Kirsty Hume (who I adored)frolicking in the desert and eating Fried Chicken shot by Ellen von Unwerth. It can't get better than this, can it? Click images to enlarge.

*I'm not from the south, but sometimes y'all is just appropriate.


because im addicted said...

this editorial is very cool!

Rollergirl said...

I remember that! V Wes Anderson, no?

susie_bubble said...

I agree with W Anderson reference.... thanks for resurrecting this!

laia. said...

I know! When I saw it, I thought if this was shot today, it would SO be Waris in the shoot.