Luella is the answer.

I was watching Videofashion Remix* on TV and they showed Luella Bartley's spring collection and I realized that it's pretty much the basis for my entire look this season.

My current obsession are tiny flower prints, like the ones she used. I've never been a flower print kinda-girl (I prefer stripes), but it's all I want to wear. I can only infer that this was sparked by Luella's super rad Spring show. Last summer I never really wore pants because NY is an oven and I don't want to die in the train from exhaustion, so I need to get some more cute short skirts. But this is what I expect to live in, jacket, cute top, short skirt, kickass boots. I am going to show you my current favorite outfit, but you have to ignore my awful posture and crazy eyes.**

Are you ignoring those? Ok, rad. So yeah, this is my current favorite outfit. The floral print shirt is from Urban Outfitters and it's long sleeve but for some reason the sleeves end in no man's land between my wrist and my elbow so when it gets warmer I'll be rolling them up. They have it in a pink color and I might buy it as well. The skirt is my favorite ever and it's from Tibi. It's from last season, but you can get it for dirt cheap at Chick Downtown. Why is it my favorite? Well, it's black, high waisted, has pockets and is cut in an a-line shape that reminds me of Balenciaga. And anything that's quasi-Balenciaga is always good. And of course I wear it with my super rad old Marc jacket that I've been wearing everyday since I got it in the mail. I rocked this outfit to the Met over the weekend with black tights and my Docs. Pretty rad huh?
So thanks Luella! Maybe I'll even manage to get some of her pieces this season.

*Apparently it's no longer Videofashion Weekly! like it was when I was a kid.
** If anything, putting up this awful picture of me proves that I have a sense of humor. right? Right?


Old.soul.in.the.city said...

I love the luella glasses I need a pair! Thanks for stopping by adding you to the blog roll :)

susie_bubble said...

That jacket is working for you on so many levels.... love your outfit!