The ones that got away

These Dries Van Noten shoes from Fall 2007 haunt me everyday. I am in love with them. At almost 800 dollars a pair, I decided to stake them out and get them on sale. Come December, I went to Barneys and saw them hanging out by themselves on the racks. Celebration! Except of course, they were not my size. I have been trolling Ebay constantly seeing if I can find a pair but so far the pair listed in my size has a ridiculous price tag of 1000 dollars.
Guess all I can do is keep on dreamin' and trollin' until they come home to me.


susie_bubble said...

I spied a few of these on eBay...was so tempted!

Meg said...

I feel your pain about missed opportunities and fate's lack of sympathy where shoes are concerned. You should keep your eye on Yoox, they have a pair of the elusive sneaker heels so the wedge might pop up soon!

elizabeth said...

ok, i am about to blow your mind, maybe.

first, they have them here, on sale, around $400


2. i was of coursse obsessed as well but i had a chance to borrow then from a fashion closet of secret origin for a couple weeks (the purple without laces) and they were shockingly SO UNCOMFORTABLE. i got the worst blisters everrrrr.

but of course, i still want the grey lace ups and i saw a woman wearing them on saturday and i wanted to throw her down and steal them.

so, you know. its a toss-up. buy them!!

laia. said...

Yesterday I remembered that I have a friend in Philly that works at a shoe store that carried these so I gave her a call. Theyre on sale for 299 so shes holding a pair for me. Sigh. I think I am taking the plunge, I love them too much to let a little thing like "blisters" or "inability to walk" bother me. Ha!
Thanks for the info and the heads uP!

Becky said...

OMG I just bought these for $150 at Joan Shepp in Philly. They run super tiny!

laia. said...

omg becky im so jealous :(