The Price isn't Right

Q: Which one of these Stella McCartney items retails for $1095?

A: Both of them.

Did you guess wrong? You probably did. You assumed it was the dress. But no, Stella seems to give equal value to a pretty dress made of a silk/cotton blend as to a tote made of canvas. And herein lies my problems with Stella McCartney's accessories. I think it's great that she doesn't use leather or fur or babies, but she can't go around pricing her items the same as those labels that do. Because then it becomes SO blatant that you are paying for a name* and not for actual materials. And for $1095 I can buy a real bag from any other designer with pockets and a closure, not some beach tote. It's a shame because I think if she priced her accessories in a fairer way she could really make a difference in the way that customers look at items made of fake leather or what have you. Because if you aren't vegan and you have the option of spending a grand on a pair of shoes made of leather or ones made out of pleather, which one will you choose?

*Yeah, I know that I'm paying for a name with any and every designer item that I purchase, but it doesn't seem that obvious when I'm buying something made out of a really nice material. It's easier to justify a purchase made in the softest leather in the world than something made out of poop.


Rollergirl said...

So true, I have been moaning about this for years! We're not stoopid Stella!

Phillip Noel said...

YESSSSS I never understand how she has faux leather boots like $1495. Its a problem.

susie_bubble said...

I'm never going to be duped by tricks like these.... give me soft calfskin anyday..