Si es Goya, tiene que ser bueno

*If it's Goya it has to be good
No, I'm not talking about delicious beans, I am talking about super awesome Danish designer Stine Goya. In a perfect world, her stuff is exactly what I would wear all the time. The sherbet colors and the loose, breezy but secretly seductive shapes are just too cool.

I never knew I liked butterscotch yellow so much, but I am totally swooning over the dress with the rad geometric jingle-dangles AND the awesome pajama-like pants. It's so "what? this old thing? oh I just threw it on without thinking about it" sort of thing. And how cool would those pants look with the Chloe sandals that haunt my dreams and will surely be in my possession soon?

I saved my most favorite for last. Let's talk about that almost neon-red jumpsuit. It's SO the ultimate in chic and I don't even know if I could pull it off, but I sure as hell would try. The turquoise jacket gives it a Miami Vice vibe, but whatever, if it's good enough for Don Johnson, it's good enough for me. And the last dress? Oof, love the neckline and, of course, the turquoise. Just another reason to add to my obsession with visiting the Scandinavian countries soon. Seriously, is there anything they don't do awesomely?

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readysetfashion said...

yay! love Stine Goya.