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Evan Rachel Wood is almost done morphing into Dita von Teese. Now I've seen everything!

No really, Evan, dude, you're like, what, 20? And you're dressing like an older woman. And it doesn't suit you. At all. We get it. You are dating Marilyn Manson. You are "edgy", but you know what? He's not even that goth anymore (or relevant). So if you REALLY want to be edgy, don't dress like you're going to a costume party all the time. We can all see you and what you're doing and it's creepy. When you guys break up, you're gonna look back and be SO embarrassed that you did stuff like this. So keep the shoes, and return everything else (including the dude!). You're not at the heavy-duty-all-black-Dior level yet.

Photo via Jezebel.


susie_bubble said...

Gosh... I miss those days when she was dating Jamie Bell....

1234 said...

hahahaha...man those shoes are high!

Uvita said...

Apparently dating Manson means adopting a new dress code that suits HIS taste… (?) Probably that girl has nothing to do with matriarch.

I’ve got to admit I’m a Dita fan, because she believes in reinventing oneself. Overall, she wears her lifestyle and not her lifestyle wears her.

btw: those shoes are pretty