Stop. Bummertime.

As soon as it turned midnight on Monday night (or Tuesday morning), I logged on the Gap website to buy some of the pieces that Phillip Lim and Threeasfour designed for their Design Editions collection. The first bummer was that the back of the Threeasfour dress that I fell in love in through the ads was hella lame (Jen over at Gnarlitude wrote about it, if you wanna see how crappy it is). I settled on the Phillip Lim blouse with horizontal pleats and 2 days later, the shirt was in my hands.

Another bummer!
The shirt fits SO long on me. And I don't like tunics. I thought maybe if I belted it it would look better, but it doesn't. Maybe if it was a wee bit longer and it was a short dress it would be totally cute belted but it's not. So I'm heading over to Gap tomorrow to return it. Maybe I'll exchange it for one of Philip Crangi necklaces and some underwear.
Better luck next time?


1234 said...

well i think the shirt looks great on you! maybe you can wear it in the summer with shorts or something?

susie_bubble said...

Definitely not popping into Gap for this one...