Two birds, one outfit

This outfit has the possibility of becoming my "Most Worn" this Spring. It includes my current obsession with neon yellow and grey and my loose interpretation of the banded skirt with a t-shirt look. The hat raises the obnoxious* alert to level orange and the black and white shoes keep it from looking like a hipster explosion (the Docs seemed to be "trying too hard" with the rest of the outfit). And any excuse to wear my most favorite Man Man t-shirt is a good one.

Warning: If you purchase this jersey tube from American Apparel be advised that when it gets wet, the wet spot looks brown. Like a stain. It'll dry back to its original color, but it can be a scary thing.

*For some reason I love looking slightly obnoxious when I dress. It's why I love white shoes so much.


elizabeth said...

want it!!!!

i have been stupidly making my neon AA tshirt into a tube skirt. but there actually IS ONE and that is much smarter.

that hat is hilarious.


Enfievre said...

i pretty much wore this outfit yesterday. love anything neutral with neon, you look amaze. man man bk show was rad!

susie_bubble said...

That neon is so spot-on on you...

Ana said...

Lovely green!
Lovely grey!
Lovely birds, ha ha!