Witchy Woman

I make a point of buying the New York Times on the Sundays that the Style Magazine comes out* and I sure as hell wasn't disappointed today. This image is just too cool for words. Ali Stephens reminds me of the girls in The Craft, but sort of an updated version. I love the way her "virginal" white outfit contrasts with her black lace cape and her thigh-high socks and of course, the hot rod she's leaning on. The only thing that could've made this image better is if she had been smoking a cigarette; but I imagine that Ms. Ali is probably 7 years old and as such, can't be caught on film smoking, lest they accuse the Times of giving cancer to children or other such nonsense. But I digress. This one will surely go up on my wall of inspiration.

Drama Queen shot by Alasdair McLellan appears in the Fashion & Beauty Spring 2008 issue of The New York Times Style Magazine.

*I know that I can access the content online at their website, but it's not the same as holding the magazine and getting to see the pictures in full size and up close. Also, I refuse to let PRINT die. So, suck on that "the-future-is-only-digital" crybabies.


editor said...

"the craft" - that takes me back.
the photo is so suburbatude (my own phrase) - car, tress, blue sky and discontent.

laia. said...

ha! suburbatude is a great word.
I might steal it.