Worst customer service. Ever.

This is the story of a girl, a pair of lace up sneaker-heels and the most incompetent people ever. You see, I had fallen in love with a pair of shoes from Forever 21. They were cute and looked way fancier than their originating store would make it seem, and most importantly, they were cheap. Since I have a chronic phobia of any and all Forever 21 stores (the lines! the mess! the loud music! the dubious treatment of their garment workers! that weird john 3:16 thing at the bottom of their bags!), it took me a while to decide whether to get them or not, finally, I just went for it. I thought they were just too cute. I decided to buy them online that way I wouldn't have to deal with anything or leave the comfort of my own home. Of course when it came time to check out, they had some imaginary problem of not recognizing my billing address (do they have something against Brooklyn?) and after further deliberation decided to just screw it, and go to the Soho store.

So Thursday I go into the city and get the shoes and I'm super psyched because they are super cute in real life. When I get home and tried them on, I realized that I had two different sizes, the right foot is a size 8 and the left foot is a size 9. I called the next two days to the store to see if they could find the other foot and after being in hold of an eternity, the verdict came back: no dice. As much as it pained me, I was going to have to return them, there was no way I could go around walking in a gynormous shoe. I was heading uptown today so I figured I'd stop by the store on 34th st to see if they had my shoes or to get my money back.

WELL WHAT AN ADVENTURE THAT WAS! You see their policy is store credit only, but seeing as how they sold me different sized shoes, I figure they'd have no problem (when I spoke on the phone with the Soho store before, they told me they could refund me). Well I was wrong. The store manager (a Danny or a Denny, the employees there evidently don't know) was the rudest person I have ever encountered in my life. She leaned on the counter while I explained my problem and the first thing she thought to ask me was "how do you know", as in how do I know that the shoes are a different size. She refuses to give me a store credit and after some battling, she agrees to give me a mail-in cashiers check. As she's going to make a phone call, she decides that she cant do it, because she PERSONALLY didn't sell me the shoes and that since her store is in a different district than the Soho store, she can't authorize it. Things get heated, and I leave by saying "I hope you know this is the worse customer service ever" and the ever popular "thanks for nothing".

Can you believe that?

So after running all my errands today, I headed back to Soho to deal with the shoe situation. The cashier immediately called the manager who was very polite and tried to find the shoes for me. She couldn't so she refunded my money. Just like that.
Lesson learned today? It's true when they say "you get what you pay for", and I for one, will not be shopping at their stores anymore. Always go with my gut instinct from now on.

And yeah, I know that I shouldn't expect leadership in customer service from a store like Forever 21, but this shattered all my expectations. I've been treated better by the people that run the Chinatown bus to Philly.


1234 said...

thats awful! ive heard of other F 21 stories, bitchyness seems to be a part of the job description or something there.

susie_bubble said...

I'm never going to step into a store so I'll stick to online shopping...

Rollergirl said...

Oh my god, what a nightmare. This Forever 21 sounds like the US version of Primark. I must say the shoes ARE lovely but who needs that shit!