Express Yourself

I absolutely loved Prada's Resort florals and have been waiting patiently for someone, anyone to bring me some affordable pretty prints. Express has taken the first step with these awesome, bright prints in some pretty cute shapes. I've never been in an Express before, but I think these are reason enough to make the trek and check it out. I think all items come in all three fabrics which could make for some fun mix and match. I will definitely report back on these.


1234 said...

me too!!! def looking forward to the report. and ps so jealous of the donatella versace thing. SO JEALOUS.

awesome andrea said...

ok so i went to express and tried on the black strapless dress. it also comes in this pink color with mauve-y purple flowers too.

i have to say overall not happy. it is not cut very well in the waist area and made me look very stumpy. but thats the problem with most Express outfits. they are very square and boxy.

also there was boob squooshage. and that is never a good look.