Happy Met Ball Day!

What better way to kick off the week than with this AWESOME photograph of Shalom Harlow taken by Bruce Weber for the March 1995 issue of Vogue? Are you as psyched about the Met ball as I am? Does anyone want to join me in tailgating* the Met tonite? We can sit there, drink champagne and yell at everyone as they walk by. I couldn't imagine a more fabulously rowdy way to spend the evening.

*Wishful thinking, although I'm TOTALLY game for this.
And my apologies for the wrinkles in the scan, at some point in the last 13 years I glued this page to the front of one of my notebooks at school.


susie_bubble said...

The outfit pics are out and I'm really quite underwhelmed...

laia. said...

Yeah, I snuck a peek at the Getty Images catalog last night and couldn't believe it either.