If man is 5, then the devil is 6

Proof that I was sassy stylin' since birth.

I've been tagged by Disneyrollergirl to post 6 random things about myself, so here it goes.

1 Anytime I buy books or magazines, I always have to pick the third one on the stack.

2 I'm obsessed with signatures so I wear the same perfume everyday (Tom Ford's Black Orchid), never take off my class ring and wear the same lipstick everyday (although the lipstick changes from season to season, last summer it was Nars' Funny Face and this summer it's Nars' Red Lizard).

3 I like to eat ice cream from the tub, never from a separate bowl.

4 If you pinch my nose I will start sneezing uncontrollably and will hate you forever.

5 I can never wear ruffled off-the shoulder tops or skirts with ruffled bottoms because they remind me of dressing up for Puerto Rican day talent show thingies in elementary school.

6 I've always had a secret wish to be an astronomer, but my math skills aren't up to Astrophysics standards, so I take comfort in watching Apollo 13 over and over again (and The Universe mini-series on The History Channel).

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Ana said...

Those eyes!