The Costume Institute Ball Roundup

Well you guys, I was sort of bummed out at the choice of attire for this year's Met Ball. The theme was superheroes! It was supposed to be amazing! Fantastic! Boom! Pow!
And instead it was... yawn. It was the same as any other ball where people dress up. Yes, some people went the extra mile, but in general it was just bah. No one in Margiela's crazy shoulders? No Gareth Pugh? No crazy McQueen? (There was McQueen, it was just not crazy McQueen) Seriously. Next time please invite me so we can have some fun.

Most Superhero-like

Christina Ricci wins for awesomest dress at the ball. This is fabulous, cheeky and oh so super-powered. And its Givenchy! The upside is, she can wear this for a Valentine's Day party too. Sweet!

Anna Wintour rocking it in Chanel Couture. When Anna Wintour is one of the most adventurous dressers at an event, you know there's something wrong. I love her crazy Fibonacci dress.

Amber Valletta and her cape. THANK YOU! Someone needed to wear a cape (well someone other than Andre Leon Talley, that is. Those are just part of his everyday wear so that doesn't really count).

Is she being Super Marilyn Monroe? Naomi Watts gets an A for effort.

Well Dressed Normies with no Superpowers

Julie Gilhart looks SO good in her Christopher Kane dress. I loved this collection so much and she really looks so beautiful and youthful. Loved the flat sandals that wrapped around her legs too. She doesn't look like a superhero but she looks like the Goddess of Water. That's still pretty good, right?

The Olsens were wearing Diane Von Furstenberg. Ashley looked FAB in her black dress with cutouts. Mary-Kate looks... well Mary-Kate is standing there with her crazy hair. I love that Mary-Kate, but eesh, this was not a good look for her. The winner in this photograph is clearly Mr. Louboutin in his awesomely bejeweled shoes. I would really, really like to own a pair like those.

Vogue's Sarah Brown wore an amazing Giles dress. I always remember Sarah Brown because she wrote an article for Vogue a couple of years ago about how her face was the beauty ideal for another time. It always stuck with me. That was some vital information for your everyday life.

And the woman that is stealing my man Olivier, Lauren Santo Domingo (formerly Lauren Davis). I wish I could hate her, but I can't. Even when she shows up wearing this beautiful waterfall of a dress while I sit home yelling at the TV.

I'm glad that after all these years, Lynda Carter still has her powers.

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ohsarah said...

ya gotta love christina ricci.
and i'm in LOVE with ashley's dress!