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The thing that Alessandra Facchinetti's clothes for Valentino are missing is joie de vivre. Really, it's just that simple, and I don't know that she can actually fake what Mr. Valentino seems to have had since birth. Even the signature Valentino Red dress seems very... pedestrian. Maybe she'll prove me wrong, who knows? But I'm not really counting on it.


awesome andrea said...

these dresses look like they could be found in an Anthropologie mailer.

laia. said...

yeah a ruffle does not a party make.

1234 said...

im not counting on it either, but i hope to see that joie de vivre too. in her defense, it is a new page for the fashion house, and her job is simply to continue to keep the flame burning, allbeit using her own flare. but i know what you mean, the valentino name will slowly lose its lustre if this continues.