Resort 09: Calvin Klein

For resort, Francisco Costa brought an unmistakably Calvin Klein style to the runway. It was a sort of minimalist opulence. I know what you're thinking, "those are oxymorons", but it makes sense, hear me out.

This look is made up of very simple, unfussy pieces. What brings them to the next level is the sort of luxurious snakeskin print. I love that he played with scale and mismatched the fabrics for the blouse and the skirt. The snakeskin also brings a little bit of sex appeal to an otherwise conservative look.

This is actually the best example of what I meant by "minimalist opulence"; the silhouette and color palette are very minimalist, but the subtle pleating both cancels it out and heightens the austerity.

Oh ,this suit is to die for! It's such a rigid, severe silhouette in graphic colors, but the boldness of the jacket shape, and its slight kimono feel make it very exotic and relaxed with an undercurrent of a 70's jet-set style.

The Naked Dress Version 2.0. I love everything about this, the ease it has about it, the barely-there shade of champagne, the mix of textures and volume... it's just the ultimate statement in luxury, but it's the quietest statement of them all.

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