Resort 09: Chanel

Ok. I'm giving up with my fight against Resort. If designers want to go all out and send out 76 looks down the runway, like Karl Lagerfeld just did at Chanel, then so be it, because you know what? This is the best Chanel show I have seen in a really, really long time.

First look down the runway and we have the lovely Sasha Pivovarova rocking this amazing androgynous look. Everything about it screams perfection (and youth and devil-may-care-attitude and rock n' roll, but then again mentioning these is redundant, no?).

The first thing I thought of when I saw this look was "OMG it's so Ash*!", because she was the one I first saw rocking the long skirt like it was no big deal. Honestly, this is making me re-think long skirts, I might have to do a pit-stop at American Apparel and get myself a long black tube to prance around in.

A little lighter, but no less cooler. Quintessential Chanel, really. I don't think I need to say any more than that.

I don't know if this is a dress or separates, but I don't care. I want this. The fabric is awesome (I'm hoping it's some kind of knit), the draping is totally futuristic without making it seem too fashion-y. If you wore this, people would turn heads but not in a "WHAT IN THE.." way, it would be more of a "DAMN, WHY DONT I HAVE THAT". I am absolutely craving strong shoulder. Could this mean that I will make a trip to the garment district and buy some shoulder pads and see what I can come up with? Maybe yes... probably yes. Silver shoes? super cool. Alien sunglasses? You might as well.

How cool is it? I like it because it doesn't seem very feminine, even with the floral(?) sort of print. I guess the chunky-sandal-quasi-gladiator-boot thing is here to stay. I am ok with that. I think they automatically make anyone who wears them insanely cool.

Another great thing in the collection were the swimsuits. Playful, bright and super chic. I just hope they aren't dry clean only.

* Ash = Ashley Olsen. Yes, I have a nickname for someone I've never met. Let's move on now.

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