Resort 09 I

1. Oscar de la Renta:

I was a little scared for Oscar de la Renta at the beginning of this show. If these two looks don't say Balenciaga to you, then you are crazy. This was mainly because of the choice of hat, but the second look is pure Balenciaga, just toned down a little for the ladies who lunch. Thankfully, as the show progressed, these looks disappeared and what emerged was a beautiful, lady-like collection in amazingly vibrant colors. De la Renta, like Galliano before him, seems to really want to up the ante for the resort collections and showed 67 looks (seriously folks, this is ridiculous, you gotta cut back a bit).

The colors in this dress are ridiculously beautiful. The blue shoes and the accessories only make it better.

I don't care much for the ensemble as a whole, but that blouse is exquisite and has a lot of possibilities. If you take off the hat, switch the white pants for say, a black leather skirt, and pair it with some killer boots, you got yourself the ultimate cool outfit.

More turqouise and coral! Yes Oscar, I am digging this like you wouldn't believe. This is so tropical and refreshing and sexy. I can't wait to try out this combination of colors on my own.

2. Fendi:

Unimpressive collection, but I am really digging the shape of these jeans. I used to have a pair of Earnest Sewns like this, but they were a little big and I gave them away. They would probably fit perfect now and I am hitting myself over losing those. This is exactly why I keep clothes around for forever. You just never know.

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