Sick Sad World

In my continuing attempt at dressing exclusively like cartoon characters (ok not really, but who am I kidding), I remembered my most favorite girl of them all, Daria. Daria always wore a black skirt, orange shirt, green jacket, and of course, ass kicking boots. I didn't really want to wear a skirt today, so I moved on to her best friend Jane. Jane was an artist with a hot brother (who I totally had a crush on), and also wore combat boots everyday.

Instead of copying her look exactly, I decided to just have some fun and imagine what she should wear when she got slightly older. I figured she's an artist, but she still needs some monies, so she probably works temp jobs. Of course, she would never be caught dead in a suit or other "work appropriate" clothes, and she's just gonna be sitting at a desk all day, answering phones, so she should just wear the outfit equivalent of a mullet; business at the top, party in the bottom (oh god, that sounds dirty). And that's how the pussy bow secretary blouse with the sweater and "respectable" jacket, ended up over jean shorts, tights and her trusty boots (what else?).

I found this patch thing at M&J Trimming a couple weekends ago. I know skulls are a little cliche and Hot Topic, but I don't care. I like them and this one was too cool to pass up. I glued an old band button on the back and I think it's the perfect detail for my sweet blazer (by the way, JCrew, next time you make a blazer don't make it so shitty that both buttons fall off within a week). I wear a belt around the jacket if I need to close it because I am too lazy and haven't sewed the buttons back on.

Eyes on the prize man, eyes on the prize.


Francis Girard said...

mmmm - i love your preppy edgy blazer. the belt to keep it closed is actually quite a nice idea even if it is a back up to crap manufacturing. enjoyed the read. xf

etoilee8 said...

You are great.
1. I love Daria. Miss it.
2. I like the fact that you used the phrase "business at the top, party at the bottom". My older sister accidentally grew a mullet (she pulls her hair back every day and has layers. . . take it out and voila, a divine mullet). Even though she ran to the hair dresser at the speed of light, I refuse to stop refering to her as "business party".

susie_bubble said...

Love what you've done with Daria's look....

1234 said...

haha the good old days of daria..

Ana said...

Wow, I bow! :D
Complete respect and admiration to character looks. A way to spice up life!