Easy dressin'

I'm sure y'all have noticed how rompers (or onesies/jumpers/whatever you want to call them) have suddenly become ubiquitous in the stores. I say in the stores because so far I have only seen one person wearing them in real life, and she did not look very good, but I digress. When this trend first started, I was appalled. "We are not babies!" I thought, "Why do they want to dress us like one?". But you know what? I was worn down by all the cute options out there, so much so, that I am actually considering buying one. These are the ones I like so far.

How cute is this Anna Sui number? It's a perfect early 90's throwback and it reminds me of this picture I can't place, of a girl wearing a flower-print romper and laying down on the grass with her feet over her head and she's wearing little Keds with white socks and I think Ellen von Unwerth shot it, but I am not sure. Anywho, it's perfect for the summer and a little innocent and cheeky at the same time. And it would look KILLER with my Docs.

This one, by Marc by Marc Jacobs is a bit more standard, as far as rompers go. Although I am dubious of the yellow color, I like that the shorts aren't too short, it looks a little preppy and it would look really cool belted as well.

The last one is from Urban Outfitters, and it's the fanciest one. It's silk, which means that even though it's black it would be perfect for summer days, and the blousy, safari-esque top balances out the shortness of the shorts. Actually, I think this might be my favorite one of them all. I like it so much that I am even swooning over the adorable white and black penny loafers, and at $38, they're the item most likely to end up in my closet.

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