I have always loved women wearing men's clothes. I think it takes a particular kind of woman, one who is strong, confident and eschews mainstream rules of sexuality in favor of following her gut. Menswear is something that I try to incorporate into my wardrobe every once in a while, albeit in a more sort of tomboy-ish spirit. With that in mind, I decided to look through the Spring Menswear collections and try to find looks that I would love to take out for a test wear.

Jil Sander
I admit that I do think this Jil Sander suit is a little... out there; but I feel like it has some unspoken potential. Perhaps the way to bring this down to earth/real life would be to wear it with off-white pants that matched the bottom of the jacket, but even worn as shown, I think it's absolutely killer.

The jacket on this suit seems pretty feminine to begin with, so it's not much of a stretch to imagine this on a woman. I quite loved the color blocking in this collection and inherent graphic-quality in it. I think that an elongated version of this jacket could make a really cool dress.

Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester loves Patti Smith, and her love definitely manifested itself in this collection. I love how relaxed it is; luxuriously hippie with an erotic, exotic vibe.


I think what makes this perfect for cross-dressing is the looseness and fluidity of the tunic. It reminds me a bit of Ann-Sofie Back's fall collection. The monochromatic tie-and-shirt combo is fabulous. You could do a skinnier trouser, or you know, wear a pair of opaque black tights and some cool high-heeled oxford shoes. Can't you just see it?

Raf Simons

Short romper with awesome detail at the neck, quasi-YSL long vest and calf-high boots. That description alone would conjure an image of a woman, with thick bangs, long hair and impossibly big sunglasses wearing it to a gallery opening and making you feel infinitely small by comparison. It's super rad.

Viktor & Rolf

Aren't you going crazy over this jacket already? It's impeccably tailored and creates the sharpest lines ever. I could see this put together with a perfectly worn-in, almost sheer, vintage t-shirt (or something from The Row), frayed denim skirt or shorts (a la Alexander Wang) and the new Balenciaga metal-robot stilettos. Mary-Kate are you listening?


Normally, I would think that all items of clothing that start as one thing and end as another are one of the awfullest crimes against fashion ever. Except for some reason, these half-jeans, half trousers are the coolest thing I have seen ever. Not only do I think that the "morphing" is incredibly well done, but I would kill for a pair of pants with that straight, slouchy fit. Coolest pants ever!

I'm pretty sure this look came straight from the women's runway as some sort of last-minute filler. This is just not believable on a dude; but take this look, switch out the weird japanese/gladiator sandals for a luxurious pair of suede high-heeled platform ones, and you just landed yourself in best dressed lists all over the place. It's simple and chic.

Don't you think this is just the perfect summer look? I would cut the hem off from the jeans to make them look all frayed, and wear it with my new Chloe sandals. The oversized denim tote is like icing on the cake. (I have a soft spot for navy and denim, what can I say?)

I love everything about this. The color palette, the tight but not leggings-like fit of the pants, the slouchy jacket and the sandals. Totally cool. All you need to update it is to take away some the button-down blouse that's layered under the jacket, and just wear the peach top with the metallic graphic detail at the neck.


1234 said...

the mens jil sander pics remind me of the spring 07 womens collection. everything from the structure and bright colours...with some differences of course

Katlin said...

Yeah, there were a lot of looks from the men's collections that I liked! I even did a similar post to this on my own blog. I thought the same thing about that first Lanvin look you posted, you could easily put this entire styled look on a woman!

coco said...

Even though I think menswear is getting much more exciting, and these pics are all fab, I am so glad I am not a man!
I would not want to have to wear any of this!

Rollergirl said...

Damn, you beat me to it...we are so in tune with the zeitgeist (or something). I swear I didn't copy you, ha ha!

Jen said...

The jacket in the last picture is fantastic. Such an amazing color.