Resort 09 II

1. Chris Benz:

Chris Benz' resort collection reminded me a lot of the current spring collection so I don't know what's going on there exactly, but that's not meant in any detrimental way. I love this look. Everyone is going around wearing maxi dresses and I just can't pull them off. They make me feel too fancy, like I'm trying too hard. I don't know what that is, but I intend to conquer that feeling as soon as possible. I think a long floral printed skirt is a great way to start, because I could just pair with a t-shirt and not have to worry about "fancy feelings". The colors are gorgeous, of course

Very simple, chic dress. Unfortunately, I don't have any cocktail parties to attend. The colors are also the perfect tones to complement a newly tanned skin from being at the beach in Ibiza or wherever people go to have resort.

2. Helmut Lang:

This dress would be reason enough to get over my maxi-dress hypochondria. OOh, can't you just feel the way that fabric would feel against your skin?
Also, I keep forgetting that this line is designed by Michael and Nicole Colovos. I never cared for their line of denim (Habitual), but BOY do I love what they're doing at Helmut Lang.

3. Versace:

YES DONATELLA! Yes to the proportion, yes to the colors, yes to the shoes. (But no to the gold jewelry... it's a little too JLo for my taste.

4. Carolina Herrera:

This is exactly what I want to look like right now. I am currently on the search for some awesome wide leg trousers (yeah trousers, pants are just SO pedestrian), and I love the explosive flower print on the top. It's so cool yet classy.

5. Marc Jacobs:

Sooo Marc Jacobs' resort collection was awesomely bad. Like, it was so wrong that I absolutely need it in my closet right now. Is that a leather-ish jacket with... shoulderpads? and is she wearing it with tapered pants? YES AND YES. Seriously, oh I love it. And the hat and the glasses? Totally rad. It's all in how you wear it.

Stick one of those American Apparel jersey miniskirts under this and man-oh-man this would be my uniform for forever (what? I'm modest). I love the easy-ness of the pajama look, while it also gives me a bit of Saint Laurent le smoking vibe (Marc said Yves Saint Laurent was an inspiration for this collection). I also love brooches, especially gawdy, bejeweled ones.

6. Michael Kors:

Dear Michael Kors:
Please send me these pants as soon as humanly possible. I need them like I need air to breathe. I have a pair of gold boots that are waiting with breath that is baited to be worn under these pants. It would be so ridiculous that it would be perfect. You know it, I know it, the American people know it. Thanks in advance.
Yours Truly,

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