Resort 09 III

1. Isaac Mizrahi:

Isaac Mizrahi's resort collection had a very old-fashioned feeling about it without feeling too much like a costume. This look was perhaps the one that felt the most "dated" but I can't help loving it. Its sort of weird that he can make a skirt with such volume seem so casual and fresh and the silhouette reminds me of a ballerina, and that just always wins my heart.

I love the mix of fabrics and prints in this look, the top reminds me of Joan of Arc and he bottom reminds me of upholstery fabric, but that's ok, they make a really cool mix. The skirt has the perfect amount of volume without looking awkward or fancy, so tha really ups the ante of anything you wear it with. The belt that has been doubled around the waist twice is a really cool touch too, I have to find a really long belt and try that for myself.

You had me at the neon colors, Isaac. Swooooooon!

2. Thakoon:
You know what? I am really starting to love Thakoon. The vibe from this collection was so cool rock n' roll chick and I just love it. The mix of the lady-like peach top and silver flower print skirt with the tarty sheer black knee highs and semi-dominatrix heels is just too delicious. I really need a pair of sheer knee-highs in my closet now, I always thought they were for old ladies who had government jobs, but this has definitely changed my mind.

I love a semi-sheer dress ok? I don't really have any in my closet, but I just think they are cool. Especially when you pair them with a flower print bikini underneath. It's pure sex without looking slutty. Seriously, Thakoon is genius.

3. Narciso Rodriguez:

I will tell you the real story of why I absolutely love this dress. Six years ago, when I still had dreams of becoming a fashion designer, I designed a collection around that triangular-looking pleat detail in contrasting fabric. I still think it looks really cool, and I love that he used a sparkly black fabric to give it a little sass. If I had the opportunity, I would definitely want this dress in my closet; because it's really cool and because it made me feel like maybe my ideas are worth something.

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1234 said...

the second isaac mizrahi outfit is just so perfect! i love that one!