Resort 09 IV

1. Brian Reyes:
Wow. This was a beautiful, absolutely breathtaking collection. Although I didn't immediately place his name, a quick search of this here blog proves that I've been enchanted by his clothes before, especially his Fall 07 collection. Clearly, his name will not remain unknown after this.

This is the first look from the collection, are you in love with him already? I am. It sort of brings to mind what Proenza Schouler did for resort, except more youthful and infinitely more wearable. I love the muted colors, the rolled up mint pants and the exquisitely detailed top. Could I please, please, please have this? This look will be a total inspiration for me this summer, I'll figure something out.

How do you wear a sexy, lingerie-esque romper without looking like you had a crazy night and couldn't get properly dressed in the morning? You throw on a boyish button down shirt over it, of course. And the fact that he paired stripes with florals is making my heart go aflutter even more.

Futuristic space dress in the lightest, thinnest fabric in the most gorgeous shade of orange sherbet? YES YES YES.

2. Burberry:

For Resort, Christopher Bailey didn't bring anything particularly different from his latest offerings, which was sort of a bummer, but totally understandable at the same time, since Resort shouldn't even be a real season with pictures that the public gets to see, but that's neither here nor there. The point is, the silhouette here isn't new, but I love the combination of prints he used here. I am still not over my Liberty florals kick, and this fits right in there.


readysetfashion said...

you are 100% right about Brian Reyes.....what a delicious collection!

nadarine said...

Sherbet? Are you TRYING to traumatize me with your devilish ice-cream costumes? ENABLED.

ps: blonde photos NOW. I'm demanding.