Resort 09 IX

1. Derek Lam:

You just can't beat a classic trenchcoat and girly dress look. Really, it's impossible. Don't you just want to put on some wicked huge shades and run around the city pretending to be a detective? What? It's just me? Carry on then.

Perfect little black dress with just the right amount of architectural details. You gotta hand it to Derek Lam, man, he just stuck to the classics and did them well.

2. Emanuel Ungaro:

Call me crazy, but I LOVE these pants! And the top would be a super cute alternative to wear in my new "neutral+neon color" obsession. Because sometimes it's nice to bring a print in to spice things up a bit.

I'm a bit iffy when it comes to wearing white dresses since it's so easy to fall into wedding dress or some other ritual territory, but I think the fact that this one evokes the easy feeling of a white blouse, makes it absolutely perfect. Couldn't you just see Carolina Herrera wearing this and looking like the classiest lady that ever lived?

3. Louis Vuitton:

I love a safari look. You can blame my mother for this. A safari look with awesome volume at the top? Sign me up. I'm there. Number one. No ifs ands or butts. (I am leaving the Karen O shortie gloves and the square toed shoes out of the equation though, I know stilettos are coming back and that's bad enough, but square toed shoes are just the worst. Wait, except for those cute YSL with the straps of leather that came out a couple of seasons ago. Ok, so they're not all bad. But most of them are. I am done rambling. Good Night. This is why you should never blog when you're sick).


readysetfashion said...

Ungaro's collection was simply gorgeous. I loved the prints, the colors, and definitely the dresses.

gilda said...

i love the derek lam lbd. it's so cute!