Resort 09: Proenza Schouler

Oh Jack and Lazaro, how you always manage to kill me with your clothes, I do not know, but this is such an absolutely wonderful group of clothes you came up with for resort (and as such, I cannot wait to see your spring collection, I just know it's going to blow me away).

Just take a look at this. Don't you feel so relaxed and rested already? I love layering, and this sort of oversized layering in tones of beige feels like you are the Queen of the Desert. It's so exotic but also somewhat conservative without being boring. The second jacket is absolutely gorgeous and if the pants in the third picture are jersey I might just have a heart attack. How can you make such an everyday material like that feel so luxurious and exclusive?

These two looks are sort of the typical Proenza woman. I love the way they mix proportion and materials, especially because they always seem to pick out the perfect shade of blue. That shrunken jacket on the first model is perfect and sort of violent which I just adore.

This is a cropped jumpsuit with cutouts. I know. I know that I am not supposed to like it and am supposed to hope that it never sees the light of day on a real human being on the street. But I can't because I'm in love with it. It's very futuristic army/Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element (which I adore), and it would solve many a problem of too hot New York City days.


1234 said...

those shoes!!! theyre coming out with an acessory line right? i can see it now...proenza shoes would be to die for.

susie_bubble said...

Resort collections do bore me to tears but this one...me like!